IRONforge – Unity3D Test Automation
23 Feb 2017

IRONforge – Unity3D Test Automation

IRON sheep TECH is working on a Unity3D mobile test automation solution.

We are calling it IRONforge.

The solution we came up with will allow QA teams to automate testing Unity3D apps. We intend IRONforge to work on both iOS and Android.

We are basing the protocol on WebDriver specs. There are differences between these specs and our implementations (more on a future post).

IRONforge components

We have split IRONforge in 2 components:

  • a Unity3D package that needs to be included in the app you want to test
  • a desktop app that allows the creation and running of test cases. The client will feature builds for both Windows and MacOS with future plans for Linux distributions


We used our extensive experience with Unity3D and test automation when designing IRONforge, and decided that we want to cover the following:

  • making it easy for QA Engineers that have used test automation before switching to IRONforge. This was our main reason for choosing WebDriver as a guide
  • allow a wide range of camera setups. IRONforge takes into both single camera setups and multiple camera setups (more about how this works in a future post)
  • giving QA teams as much power to test components as possible. Using IRONforge you can inspect and assert any type of MonoBehaviours, even custom ones
  • allow the most common UI solutions to be used. IRONforge supports both NGUI and uGUI
  • making it as easy as possible to run tests on devices. IRONforge features LAN discovery

If you want to read more about IRONforge don’t forget to visit our blog section dedicated to it.